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Welcome to Navigate Wellness Counseling!

In a world that is ever-changing and continuously throwing challenges our way, it can be difficult to see or feel your own sense of strength. The meaning of being “well” has been hard to define, especially during the past few difficult years. If you are reading this right now, that means you have already taken steps towards your journey to wellness – and before we go any further, let me tell you – I am proud of you!

Whatever you may be going through that has brought you here (stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, injustices, life transitions, etc.), you don’t have to go through it alone. We can’t always change our circumstances, but we can change how we cope, respond, and grow from them… that’s where I come in!

My goal is to empower you to define your own sense of wellness, and to help you to navigate that journey. We all hold multiple identities that come with multiple responsibilities, and navigating them all can be overwhelming. I am here to support you… to help you cope, heal, feel better, and be well.

I offer counseling services in a safe space where you will feel heard, supported, and valued. I look forward to us working together to come up with treatment goals and a plan that works best for you.

Please call: 940-343-5033 or email: mutsa@navigatewellnesscounseling.com to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.

Cheers to healing, growth, and wellness!